For Rhetoric Formal Logic:  I asked students to “invent a stipulative definition for the word “ploff” (See Introductory Logic, Exercise 1, #4, Exercise 1).  Each student put their all into this and their answers were spectacular, diverse, and yes! funny.  Answers like… (I had to share these with you) …

Ellie: “Ploff”—when someone decides to squander their money by purchasing unnecessary objects.

Jacob:Ploff”—it means to say “I’m better than you.”

Alejandro:Ploff”—a not so loud sound like an explosion but a little quieter.

Aliyah: “Ploff”—A stew or gumbo of a darker color.

Christopher:Ploff”—Directed excess and distraction clouding the truth.

Emma: “Ploff”—the art of sledding into an upright pole.

Sebastian: “Ploff”—Put on “Ploff” or deodorant.