Diligently Seeking Truth

For Research Origins:  Week 7, Semester 2, we discussed Chapter 7, in Defeating Darwinism.  Alejandro summed up the chapter for us, “We can replace God with an evolutionary based faith but in doing so, we deny His moral authority and end up with a people who are less moral.” Students affirmed this summary over and over again as each one gave a one to two minute impromptu on Chapter 7.  Here is a snippet of what each student shared today (note how each one points back to self-control):

Alejandro: When God’s existence goes from fact to just another belief (minimalism) his moral authority disappears and stuff like divorce revolution, sexual revolution, feminism, and homosexual liberation explode into the culture.”

Jacob:  People are dissatisfied with the political situation and instead of turning to God, have dethroned Him and replaced worship of Him with false ideologies.

EmmaPolitics are not the answer; being strong in our faith is the answer.  We must always be ready to give a reason for the hope we have (First Peter 3:15). 

Ellie:  “God is aware of everything and uses everything to benefit and reward those who believe in Him.” 

Christopher:  “Using a good or a bad thing to achieve a bad thing is wrong.”

 Sebastian:  Some people don’t want to let go of falsehood; God is still working good. 

 Aliyah:  Modernism is trying to modernize the Bible and it doesn’t work!

 Today, students discussed feminism.  Alejandro boldly brought First Timothy 2:11-13 to the table and Sebastian boldly brought Genesis 3:16 to the table.  The students were diligent to open their Bibles today and seek truth to share.  I treasure these moments in my heart.


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