The Inside Heart and the Outside Life

“You’re blessed when you get your inside world-your mind and heart-put right.  Then you can see God in the outside world” (Matthew 5:8 MSG).

Students love talking about Math.  I think Logic was one of my favorite subjects this year.  I was not much of a Math person in high school (or middle school for that matter).  However, God cultivated a love in my heart for Mathematics this year, as I homeschooled my own children, that I was not expecting.  I recall one particular day, we discussed math terms, “perimeter” and “area” by first defining them.   The “perimeter” is the “outside edge of an area or surface” and the “area” is defined as “the surface included within a set of lines.” (See  Simply put, the perimeter refers to the outside of a given shape or surface and the area refers to the inside of a given shape or surface.  We discussed the terms first from a mathematical perspective and then went through them again from a biblical perspective (expounding memorably on concepts from verses like First Timothy 4:16, “Watch your life (perimeter “outside”) and doctrine (area “inside”) closely.  Persevere in them (travel “the distance around”).  Because if you do, you will save both yourself and your hearers.”  We closed by sharing testimony concerning the “inside” heart and the effect it has on the “outside” life.


2 thoughts on “The Inside Heart and the Outside Life

    • Susan E. Marcin says:

      I know that God has the perfect tutor for your daughter-home grown and specially tailored. I love how He meets us and our children exactly where we are at. And, I know she has the perfect teacher…you!! Thank you so much for reading these and for your comments. You are on my heart when I post these. I am praying for you as you embark on Challenge A and CC in general. Blessings to you and yours.

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